Quality & Care

To guarantee a high quality standard of all TSCHALOT products I need your feedback!  Please let me know if you think a product does not fulfill the promised high quality standards by sending me a message via CONTACT so we can sort this out together.

Thank you!

Care instructions:

Please make sure to follow the care instructions below to make your TSCHALOT product last – and look good – for a looooooong time…

  • Cold machine wash or cold hand wash only, no dry cleaning
  • Take off key ring / carabiner from bag to wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not spin
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Stretch into form after washing (while still damp) and dry flat
  • Warm iron
    • Iron prints from reversed side or cover with e.g. a tea towel
    • Do not iron over tag, buttons and straps
    • Do not iron over leather/P-leather and waterproof fabric
  • Draft- & Doorstoppers
    • Empty products before washing
    • Doorstoppers: Replace filling if it got wet

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