Big TSCHALOT Rating at the Office…


For today I organised a TSCHALOT rating at the office to get a sense of which products are the most popular ones and I have received great feebacks and even a couple of new product ideas – whether this had to do with the free bacon breadrolls for the participants I don’t know… 🙂 Either way, thank you all for taking part!

So, the three clear “winners” are:
1. The Shopper, Owl
2. The Shopper Tree
3. The Doorstopper

What’s your favourite?


För höt hani es TSCHALOT Produkt Rating im Büro organisiert zum e chli es Gspöri z becho, weli Produkt am beliebtischte si und e ha super Rückmäudige und sogar Vorschleg för nöii Produkt becho – öb jetz das met de gratis Späckbrötli us Zopfteig ztue gha het weisi au ned… 🙂 Einewäg, danke aune förs mitmache!

Die drü klare “Gwünner” si:
1. The Shopper, Owl (Ühle)
2. The Shopper, Tree (Baum)
3. The Doorstopper (Türstopper)…

Weles esch di Favorit?


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